Are the performances by the comedians live? 
No. All the comedy video clips you will see have been licensed by Stand-Up Socials and have been professionally shot during a live performance.

Are the comedy clips corporate clean?
YES! We have gone to great lengths to make sure all the videos are corporate clean and to ensure that your audience is not offended, you get to approve the videos in advance.

How are the comedians selected for the show? 
After learning about your event and your audience demographics we select a number of clips we feel will work.  Then, we send them to you for your approval. You watch the clips and let us know the ones you want for your event.

What are the breakout questions? 
We have many different conversation starters to choose from.  With each Custom Comedy Club we select questions that fit the audience best and will get them to engage with each other in a fun(ny) way.

Do we get to know the questions before the event? 
Like all elements of the Custom Comedy Club, we will send you a selection of questions prior to the event for your approval and input.

How long does the show last? 
We can customize the show to fit any amount of time from 30 to 90 minutes in length… but the average is a 60-minute show and then an afterparty. We find that about 50-60% of the audience stays for the afterparty because they are having a good time and do not want it to end.

When can we schedule an event? 
We can usually arrange for an event on short notice or select any future date. We have 24 hour availability, including weekends, and can work around your schedule. We have even done a show in Australia that started at 3 am EST… ugh!

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