“If you can make your customer laugh, then you’ll be able to sell almost everything to them!”
Fortune Magazine

Stand-Up Socials is a great Client Gift!

If you are looking for a fun & unique gift for your clients, then give them the gift of laughter and connecting with their co-workers. And hey, who does not want more laughter & connections?

Now imagine your client thanking you for giving them the best virtual experiences they ever had. Yea, that’s right… the best!

Stand-Up Socials gets people together virtually and our live host shows them a ~5 minute comedy video that gets them laughing together which helps them build a bond.

After the comedy video, the host puts them in a breakout session with 3-4 people in each room. Before they go into the break out rooms, our host gives them a conversation starter based on the comedy clip they just saw and/or about their comedy taste. These breakout rooms are where they form deeper connections because you can really get to know someone based on their comedy taste.

We repeat the comedy video to breakout room several times giving your clients lots of laughs and several connections. By the end of the Stand-Up Social, your client will be happier and know their co-workers better all thanks to you!

“Advertisers know that humor can help bond people to their product.”
Fast Company

As a way to brand you with your client, we put your logo on the comedy video clips and our host will mention you at the beginning & end of the event “thanking you” for giving them the gift of laughter and helping them get to know each other better. Plus, when we are promoting the event to them for sign up, all material says ‘Brought to you by ___.” or whatever you want it to say.

And here is even more value: we can make sure that you are getting face time with the people you want to build a better bond with (ie, the buyer). Imagine being in a breakout room with them talking about what makes them laugh. Yea, good stuff my friend!

Why is Stand-Up Socials such a great Client Gift?

1) You can really get to know someone by what they think is funny. Which means your client’s team gets to know each other better… thanks to you!

2) Laughter is a natural human reaction, so learning someone’s comedy taste helps build genuine human interaction. Which helps your client’s team bond… thanks to you!

3) Comedy + Connections = Successful Event/Client Gift = MORE SALES

From Forbes Magazine:
Why should brands use humor in marketing?

1)Attention-grabbing. Humor often stands out from other marketing and advertising attempts because it’s naturally colorful and original.

2) Funny brands are more relatable and are seen as more trustworthy and human.

3) Humor is linked to higher recall, which means any message imbued with humor will be easier for your target demographics to remember.

When you give the gift of Stand-up Socials to your clients, you are using the power of laughter in your marketing without having to write one joke… you just have to write a check :-).

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Yea, that’s right… the best!

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