“Comedy is a very effective way to raise money for a charity!”
Forbes Magazine

Stand-Up Socials is great for Charity Fundraisers!

Raising money in today’s world has been ‘challenging’ to say the least.

Since in-person events are on hold these days, everyone is looking for a virtual event that is unique, fun & engaging. Well my friend, that is what we offer at Stand-Up Socials.


Our live host shows a ~5 minute stand-up comedy clip and then places people in breakout sessions with 3-4 people in each room. When going into the breakout room, our host gives everyone a conversation starter like:

“What was your favorite joke from that comedy clip?”
“What was one of your favorite comedy shows as a kid?”
“Who is one of your favorite comedy actors/actresses?”

We go from comedy clip to breakout rooms several times so people see lots of great comedy and make several connections with others.


1) You can really get to know someone by what they think is funny. When your fundraiser helps people bond, they are happier… and happy people donate!

2) Laughter is a natural human reaction, so learning someone’s comedy taste helps build genuine human interaction.When people have a shared common experience with laughter, they feel more connected.

3) Comedy + Connections = Successful Fundraiser

Comedy Gives Back

Since you are here for a charity, then you probably know the power of giving… so do we.

Stand-Up Socials gives a percentage of all revenue to Comedy Gives Back which is an organization that serves as a safety net for stand-up comedians in need.

“Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.”
Hank Rosso

Contact us today so you and your peeps can have lots of laughs and great conversations in your own Stand-Up Social. You can set up a time for a quick chat directly on our calendar or complete the ‘Contact us’ form below: